• No fees no charges to publish your classified
  • Selling costs and fees are covered by our margin
  • Your product get a super web visibilty in France


  • Send us an email with your list of products and details as  references of the model, state, color, year, serial number and the asking price
  • After study, we come back to you to indicate if one (or all) of your offer is admissible
  • After agreement you receive the links of the products for validation with our rates of resale
  • When a customer buys a product on the platform, you will immediately receive the customer’s details and a packing slip of the goods to stick on your package
  • After receipt of the package and validation by the customer, you receive your payment within 10 days by bank transfer.


  • We offer a trustworthy framework with secure means of payment
  • We offer a modern and designed online shop
  • We organize the editorial part and the layout of the ads
  • You only have to ship the goods to the customer


Will my commercial identity be visible?
Not only our store appears as a seller, your identity will only be present on the waybill after payment

Who is in contact with possible buyers?
We manage relations ship with client before and after the sell, we will come back to you in the case of a specific question or request.

May I sell the product in other platform ?
Yes, you can also sell your products by yourself, but in this case, you agree not to sell these products at a lower price than our final sale price, otherwise your products will be immediately taken offline without notice, it is also imperative to inform us as real of the state of your stock.

Do I need to provide photos and an original description?
It is always better to provide original photos, especially if the products have slight defects, it is important to provide specific details: packaging of origin or not, age of the product, serial number … We organize the editorial part , formatting and layout of the product sheets

Is it possible to sell new products?
No , the products on sale are not considered strictly speaking as new and your products must enter the different categories (expo / demo, end of series, like new, used or vintage). Materials labeled “like new” are products that have never been used but have been opened.

How are shipping costs handled?
The transport costs will be mentioned on the product sheet or integrated into the final rates. However, you remain responsible for shipping in case of complaint from the customer.

Why might some products be refused?
Some manufacturers or models do not seem to us to be sufficiently qualitative or do not benefit from any guarantee. The proposed prices do not seem competitive enough. We rarely accept devices without original packaging or sold by individuals.


Do I have to provide after sales service in case of breakdown?
All products of the platform must have at least 6 months warranty (3 months minimum for the unrestored vintage) we manage the questions of after sales with our customers but we will come back to you for the repair management if your products are covered by a guarantee, the transport costs of the products are supported by us.

Please contact us for any additional questions