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Un étonnant préamplificateur passif avec la technologie LDR

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Ce préamplificateur dispose d’un procédé de contrôle de volume par LDR (led lumineuse), un dispositif qui équipe certain amplificateur intégré très haut de gamme comme les machine cartel par exemple

Amplificateur made in USA, modele demo comme neuf

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A flexible passive or active preamp
The “x” in the LDR300x stands for fle”x”ible in that the LDR300x is available as either a passive or active preamp for single-ended (RCA) 2-channel stereo applications able to switch between 3 single-ended line-level (RCA) sources.

If  you purchase the passive version you can opt later to convert to an active by adding a solid state buffer board.  If you have an active version you can bypass the active buffer and operate as a passive by swapping 2 internal jumpers.

A great sounding preamp
The LDR300x delivers exceptional high fidelity the belies its small size and understated packaging.  Built around our latest ePot.V3 Max stepped attenuator & preamp controller, the LDR300x is arguably our best sounding preamp to date whose subjective performance will please even the most discriminating listener.

An affordable preamp
In redesigning our previous LDR3 into the LDR300x we sought to retain and improve upon elements that really mattered sonically while forgoing things that raised costs with dubious sonic benefits. As a result we are able to offer the LDR300x at a more aggressive price as our new flagship value line preamp product.

ePot.V3 “Max” electronic stepped attenuator & controller
The heart of the LDR300x is our latest preamp attenuator/controller, the ePot.V3 Max (the “V3” or “Max”  ). The V3 is the culmination of over a year of development and refinement of our evolving 10+ year LDR attenuation technology. The V3 combines exceptional sonic performance in an integrated, software driven, preamp controller that includes input switching, remote control and a menu driven interactive high contrast OLED display interface.

Features of the ePot.V3 Max include:

  • 100 step attenuator over 60 dB range
  • Smooth volume stepping with no sonic artifacts
  • No mechanical switches in the signal path
  • Menu driven visual control with high contrast 256 x 64 OLED display
  • LDR (light dependent resistor) attenuation
    • precision closed loop LDR current control
    • integrated offline self calibration of the LDRs
    • replaceable plug-in LDR module
  • Integrated input switching (3 single-ended stereo sources) via analog switches
  • Remote controlled (Apple infrared remote)
  • Manual control via rotary encoder with integral push button
  • Smooth muting/unmuting
  • Left/right channel balance  (+/- 10 db)
  • Updateable firmware