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Fram audio midi 120

Une super paire d’enceintes actives équipée d’un DAC.

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  • Garantie : 3 mois
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  • Couleur : gris


  • Entrée analogique (RCA) à faire réviser, grésillements constatés
  • Les entrées numériques fonctionnement parfaitement

    FRAM AUDIO MIDI 120 (enceintes actives équipées d’un DAC)

    • Aluminium cabinet, CNC machined, stiff and vibration free
    • 130 mm cellulose woofer + 25 mm soft fabric dome
    • 130 mm double passive radiators
    • two way,, first order crossover
    • Unique space reproduction, due to back passive radiator
    • Neutral, dynamic and spacious sound due do Digital Speaker Processor P3 MK IE, developed by Ancient Audio
    • Integrated DAC, Speaker Processor, amplifiers and speakers in one compact box
    • Digital input coaxial, S/P DIF, 24 bit, 192 kHz
    • Toslink optical digital input
    • 120 W amplifiers
    • Analog RCA inputs for CD, streamer, tuner , phono stage
    • Analog high sensitivity, mini jack input for computer, mobile phone, tablet
    • USB power socket for charging phone, or connect outboard wireless receiver
    • Remote controller
    • A complete consists of right speaker, left speaker, speaker cable, mini jack cable, power supply, remote
    • Silver anodized or black anodized finish
    • Stainless steel , silver or golden speaker rings
    • Stands from natural or black oak, light and stable ( optional)
    • Dimensions : 150 x 430 x 150 mm
    • Made in Poland